GPSLogger: Easy GPS track recording for Android in Apptest

Record the distance traveled by GPS. It’s easy with the open source app for Android. In addition still some exciting additional functions in the App test.

If you are looking for an app to record the distance covered by GPS, then you quickly come across MyTracks from Google (→ App-Test ). But there are still good other apps for track-based geotagging. Today I’d like to introduce you to the open-source alternative GPSLogger.

At the time of the test version 33 was up to date. The requested permissions are inconspicuous and fit the functionality.

Features of the GPSLogger

GPSLogger settings

GPSLogger settings

The free app for Android smartphones and tablets is clearly limited to the core functions: record routes via GPS, save and export. Destinations for export include the SD card as well as FTP and cloud storage services.

On recording formats, GPS Logger offers GPX, KML, OpenGTS and plain text. Several formats are possible at the same time. The recording interval can be set as a function of time or distance.

Unfortunately, I find some settings of the logging details a little confused named.

Track recording with GPSLogger

Start the recording Start the recording

Directly on the start page there is the button ” Start the recording “. Click on it and go.

The recording works completely offline even without data connection. Expensive data roaming abroad is not necessary. The track is always first stored in the internal memory or on the SD card. To be found in the folder ” GPSLogger “.

If the tour is over, simply stop the recording with the “Exit” button.

Low power consumption with the GPSLogger?

Logging details

Logging details

Again and again you hear that GPSLogger works very energy efficient. I can not confirm that after my tests. If the recording interval is long enough, (meaningfully) GPS is deactivated in between, which of course saves power. Google recently used this technique in MyTracks as well. With identical logging settings, I could not find any difference in power consumption. In addition, this technique even has a counterproductive effect at single-digit interval times. That’s why I switched it off in the settings.

Export the tracks

Completely offline access to the tracks via the folder “GPSLogger” on the phone memory.

If the data is to be forwarded, GPSLogger offers a wide range of export options. So the tracks can either be sent by e-mail or uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, OpenStreetMap, OpenGTS or FTP.

Personally, I prefer the Dropbox. It should be emphasized positively that the app does not get the permission over the entire Dropbox with the Dropbox release, but only for the Apps folder. The tracks are then in the folder Apps / GPSLogger for Android .

Special feature: Automatic transmission

I especially like the possibility to perform uploads automatically. For automatic upload at the end of recording, these settings must be made:

  1. Switch from the GPSLogger auto-send settings
  2. Define the destination for automatic sending. For example, authorize the Dropbox or enter FTP data
  3. Under “How often?” Enter when should be sent. I prefer to shoot right after the stop.
  4. Finally, check the box to allow automatic sending

If there is no Internet at the moment the recording is stopped, automatic sending will not be made later.

The manual upload

The manual upload

If you do not want to be sent automatically, you can also upload tracks individually or forward them via the Android Share function. Here I miss the opportunity to upload multiple tracks at the same time.

Personal conclusion

GPSLogger can not compete with MyTracks from Google either visually or by the mass of functions. But it does not want that either.

It is easy to use and offers the possibility to automatically send the recorded tracks or store them in online storage. In addition, it is open source software, which brings benefits including data protection. On the quality of the track recording is broadly nothing to complain about.

All in all a serious alternative to record GPS tracks.

GPS Logger for Android

Download QR code GPS Logger for Android Developer: Mendhak Price: Free

I like that:
  • Easy handling
  • Automatic cloud upload
I do not really like it that much:
  • Confusing track settings