myTracks for iPhone: GPS Logger App for Mac Software

myTracks for iPhone is the perfect complement to geotagging software on the Mac. Record GPS tracks and watch tracks on the move.

myTracks for iPhone

myTracks for iPhone

The digital camera does not have a GPS receiver installed, the desktop has a Mac and an iPhone is also available? Best conditions for track-based geotagging with myTracks.

MyTracks – The GPS Logger for iPhone is the perfect complement to the recently introduced Mac software myTracks4Mac . Click here for the myTracks4Mac software presentation .

The iOS app records tours and wirelessly passes them home to the Mac.

Record track with the iPhone

On the start page with ” GPS track recording start ” the tracking abut. Then the view changes to the map. There, the recording accuracy can be adjusted. A click on the REC button leads to ” Change accuracy “. From my experience, I can recommend the combination of ” good ” and ” 5s ” as a decent compromise between track accuracy and battery life.

Here is a comparison of two settings.

Comparison of recording accuracy  iPhone photos on the map

The internal camera can also be started from the map page. These recordings are then displayed directly on the track.

On maps are various OpenStreetMap flavors and NASA BlueMarble ready.

Practical for recordings without an Internet connection is the possibility to preload map areas in advance on the iPhone. So you do not have to do without the track representation on the map, even in the wilderness.

When track recording ends, myTracks creates a file at the time of recording in the track list.

Those who are afraid of forgetting to stop recording can start a short-term recording. At the end of the set time, the recording ends automatically. An empty rechargeable battery due to continuous recording is thereby prevented.

In the background, the recording continues smoothly. The user is constantly informed about the current number of waypoints on the app icon.

Passing to the Mac

 Transferring recordings to the Mac

At home, the recordings are synchronized directly with myTracks on the Apple computer. To do this, iPhone and Mac must be in the same (Wi-Fi) network. A transfer via cable and iTunes is not possible.

It is important that on the iPhone the synchronization service is active and a password is entered.

Via the menu item File – Synchronize with iOS Device the Sync-Dialog starts. Select the appropriate iPhone in the list, load tracks from the iOS device as an action, enter a password and start syncing .

Track management on the Mac

Track management on the Mac

Then the tracks recorded with the iPhone are included in the track database of myTracks and can be used for track-based geotagging.

Export the tracks

Export the GPX track

Export the GPX track

If you want to use the recorded tracks with tools other than myTracks on the Mac, you can also trigger an export of the GPX files. Open the context menu from the track list. At the bottom you can have the track sent by e-mail .

Upload to the Dropbox

Upload to the Dropbox

Via ” Open track in … “, the transfer to a navigation app or my preferred export to the Dropbox works. It should be noted that the track name for the Dropbox is changed. The myTracks standard contains invalid characters. What I did not find is the ability to export multiple tracks at the same time.

Personal conclusion

The program worked reliably in the test and without crashes. The interface can be operated intuitively with the following two exceptions. Bookmarks are too present for me and the track and map settings are hidden away. The recording quality of the tracks is good.

Everyone who works on the Mac with the geotagging software myTracks and want to record the tracks with the iPhone or iPad instead of using a GPS logger will find “myTracks for iPhone” an excellent GPS logger app.

With the export option, myTracks for iPhone is the recommendation for GPS recording on the iOS device.

myTracks - The GPS Logger myTracks - The GPS Logger

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