Nikon Geotagger di-GPS compared to ECO Pro-F and AK-G1s

The GPS receiver is supposed to plug directly into the Nikon camera? Which model fits better? A direct comparison of the Dawntech ECO Pro-F with the AK-G1s from Aokatec.

For photographers who want to attach the GPS receiver directly to the Nikon DSLR camera, there are currently two models. By comparison, the AK-G1s from Aokatec, the two ECO Pro-Fs from Dawntech. All are designed for the professional line of Nikon SLR cameras.

Revised di-gps ECO ProF-M

[Update October 2013] The improved Dawntech ECO has been added to the comparison.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Geotagger and which is the better choice?

Comparison of the data

  Aokatec AK-G1s di-GPS ECO Pro-F ECO ProF-M
Manufacturer AOKATEC Dawntech Dawntech
model AK-G1s ECO Pro-F ECO ProF-M
Technical specifications
GPS chipset ? MTK MT3339 MTK MT3339
power consumption 60mA 17 mA to 19 mA 17 mA to 19 mA
attachment Screwlock painter Screwlock
and suspension lines
size 24mm x 33mm x 13mm 40mm x 25mm x 22mm 40mm x 25mm x 22mm
mass 13 grams 14 grams 18 grams
Coordinate + height      
Track logger      
Remote-control terminal      
GPS cache   * Incompletely implemented  
price about 60 euros about 160 euros about 170 euros
Review field test field test field test

Strengths and weaknesses of GPS receivers

The Aokatec clearly has the better case. It is more compact and is closer to the camera. In addition, it is secured against falling out with a metal screw. The Dawntech of the first generation turns out too easy and stands out, which can lead to damage. In the second version the knurled screw was added. The Dawntech V1 is missing a switch to permanently power the GPS receiver. So frequent, long-lasting restarts of the GPS receiver are necessary. After the update, the software was improved so that a switch is no longer missing.

A remote release fits all geotaggers. Advantage of the Dawntech models: The well-known 10-pin accessory socket can still be used. The AK-G1s requires a remote release with a 2.5 mm jack plug.

The GPS reception quality of the Dawntech is clearly ahead. A GPS fix is ​​made quickly and the positional accuracy is top.

The best way to look at the details of both geo-excavators is in the extensive field tests: Aoka AK-G1s , di-GPS ECO Pro-F and the new ECO ProF-M .

In terms of price, the Aokatec is in the lead. For more than twice as expensive Dawntech offers a German dealer with warranty and good support.

Which Geotagger to buy?

Aokatec or Dawntech - everyone has their advantages

Aokatec or Dawntech – everyone has their advantages

Each of the loggers has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, I do in this case with a clear recommendation very difficult.

The best would be a combination of both. Housing from Aokatec and electronics from Dawntech.

[Update October 2013]

After the Dawntech update my recommendation goes to the new ECO ProF-M . Only the further protruding housing remains as a small point of criticism.