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Loans up to 150,000 kr. >> Quick response, quick payment

With the Mag Loan, you can borrow up to 150,000 with a good interest rate and 30,000 without showing payrolls. The money will be available on your account within 1-2 business days.

If you’re missing money for one or the other, you can quickly and efficiently take a loan – big and small. The PaydayNow.net does not ask you what you need to spend the money on. You can use them on a vacation as well as a new kitchen or something completely third. They are not going to point your fingers no matter what. By using the Mag Loan, it is not necessary for you to go to a physical bank and ask for a loan. Instead, you can sit at home behind the screen and apply while you are completely anonymous to the public. It takes only a few minutes to fill out the application form and after you have sent it, you will receive a response within minutes to decide whether or not to borrow the required amount. If you have approved your loan, you must subsequently sign in and approve with NemID. Then there is no time before you stand and have the money available.

Your benefits with a loan from the Mag Loan

When you choose to make a loan through the Mag Loan, you will find that they have a lot of benefits. We have collected the best here:

Fast answer. You will receive a quick response to your loan application – within minutes, you will know if your loan has been approved or not.

Quick payment. Once your loan has been approved, it will take no more than 1-2 business days before you get the money in your custody and at your disposal. If you apply early in the day, you can even get them paid the same day.

Low-interest rate. You are guaranteed a low and competitive interest rate. The interest rate is calculated based on your credit rating, so you can look forward to a fair rate that caters for you and your options.

Great peace of mind. You can feel completely confident when you take a loan from the Mag Loan. They treat your information with the greatest confidentiality and security so your personal information never comes in the wrong hands. The way you can be sure of this is that you must always log in and approve your loan with your NemID, which is just 100% safe.

A wide range of possibilities. The Mag Loan gives you a wide range of loan options, as you can borrow everything between $ 5,000 and $ 150,000. If you borrow below $ 30,000, you do not even have to show payslips. You can, therefore, customize the amount to fit your needs and money.

Free frames. There is no question asked when you take a loan, so it’s up to you what you want to spend the borrowed money on. Nor do you have to make any collateral when you make the loan.

No binding. Should you cancel your loan, there is no firm commitment and you have 14 days of cancellation on the credit agreement. The 14 days begin to count when you have received the money.

Great transparency. There are no unforeseen surprises when you take a loan at SmartLink. Already in the completion phase, you will know how much the fixed monthly benefit is, and you are therefore fully aware of the expenses you incur in connection with the loan.

Flexibility. You decide on how long the repayment period should be when you make a loan. You can choose anything within 12 to 72 months, which you enter easily and quickly when you fill out the loan form. The repayment period is therefore adapted to you and your current economy.

With Mag Loans, there are many advantages:

Who can get a loan at Mag Loans

It is not everyone who can take a loan at the Mag Loan. There are some simple requirements that you must meet before you can apply.

  • You must be 25 years old.
  • You must have a permanent residence in Denmark.
  • You must not be registered in RKI.
  • You must have a fixed income of at least DKK 120,000 per year.

If you meet all four requirements, you can immediately apply for the loan. However, you must be aware that even if you meet all the requirements, not everyone is approved for the loan because an individual credit rating is made. When you borrow, it is not necessary to provide security.

Take control of the budget

Before you choose to make a loan, it’s a good idea to fully control the budget and the economy. The bigger a loan you take, the more expensive it will be for you in the end. Therefore, there is no need to borrow more money than you actually stand and need.

The interest rate on your loan depends entirely on your individual credit rating and loan application, but the interest rate is typically between 7.22% and 21.93% (variable debt rate).

One step closer to the dream

Whatever you stand and dream about, you will come one step closer to this when you choose to make a loan. If you want to increase the chances of being eligible for your loan, they recommend that you choose to take the loan with a co-applicant. It could typically be a cohabitant or spouse – you must have the same address register.

The Mag Loan collaborates with us which is why they are also referred to after your loan has been approved. We are a trusted and recognized player in the market and you can, therefore, expect a professional process and treatment.